A Brand New Convenience Image is Coming, cimg/deploy - now in beta

Hey folks. I’m happy to introduce a completely new image to the Convenience Image family, cimg/deploy. This is a brand new image (didn’t exist as a legacy image) geared towards the Continuous Delivery and Deployment use cases. The image has tools such as rsync, terraform, kubectl, packer and more pre-installed.

This image is in beta. It can change greatly, including breaking changes, before it stabilizes and goes GA

Similar to cimg/base and cimg/android, this image uses date-based tags. The following initial tags are available:

  • cimg/deploy:2022.04.1
  • cimg/deploy:2022.04

Due to this image being in beta, these tags will be overridden as the image is updated during the beta process. Once we go GA, SemVer tags will follow the usual policy of not being overriden.

We’re looking feedback. If you have any, please post it here. Here’s some of what we’re looking for:

  • what other tools can you see an image like this include?
  • we’re thinking of doing an AWS and GCP image as well, these images would build on top of this one
  • we’re installing Ansible v5.x. How is that? I’ve heard some people might want Ansible v2.9 instead. Any one agree and would like to explain why?

As this is a beta, these images aren’t considered stable yet. They can change at any time through the beta as we begin to optimize and tweak the images.


Feedback, questions, etc, please post them here. This forum thread will be updated when there’s significant changes to the image.


The AWS and GCP CLIs has been added to the image.

Any chance for the Azure CLI, too?


Thanks to you, yup! I reviewed your PR. Once we can get that merged, we’ll have the Azure CLI in a new release.