How to trigger a pipeline for a git tag from GUI

Hello. Do i understand correctly, that there is NO way to trigger pipeline manually for a git tag from user interface?
I can see that http api allows it. I can see that i can specify a tag for a scheduled trigger. But i cannot see how to specify a tag when triggering manually from UI. Is that intentional?

Maybe i’m missing something, but overall there are some basic cases, that seem really cumbersome to implement. In my case i just have a repo, that i’d like to trigger only manually, since the pipeline relies on provided pipeline parameters, which should be set manually on a particular run. And here are some diffuculties:

  • For a simple branch-based workflow there is no simple way to prevent it from running on commits or PRs. I had to create a default-false boolean pipeline param, which i set to true when running manually.
  • And for a tag-based workflow i can’t even use the UI.

So maybe i’m missing some fundamental concept of using CircleCI ?

You can call the API by using curl at the command line. The starting point for this can be found here

[trigger another workflow](