Is it possible to trigger builds/workflows from GitHub tag creation from GitHub's UI (not tag push)?

Is Circle capable of triggering builds based on creating and publishing a GitHub release from GitHubs’s UI?

Creating a release from GitHub actually creates a tag that I hoped would trigger a workflow filtered by tags.

The configuration below does indeed trigger workflows when I push a new tag from a local machine to GitHub but doesn’t when creating a release from GitHub’s UI:

      - test-tags:
              ignore: /.*/
              only: /.*/

If it doesn’t work then no.

GitHub needs to send CircleCI a webhook in order for CircleCI to do anything, which it appears not to be doing.

Thanks, Feliciano for the confirmation.

Yeah, it doesn’t work.

Looking at GitHub’s webhooks documentation though, it seems that it does publish to the release webhook which is different from the push webhook that, I think, Circle listens to.

Fron GitHub documentation:

push: Triggered on a push to a repository branch.
Branch pushes and repository tag pushes also trigger webhook push events.
This is the default event.


release: Triggered when a release is published, unpublished, created, edited, deleted, or prereleased.

Perhaps this “question” fits more on Circle’s Ideas. I’ll write up how I’d imagine this would work and the use case and submit it there.


Yes that sounds great. Thanks for following up.

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