How to swap out the old php 5.3 version for newer php without committing a .circle.yml?


I’m trying to get a php repository started testing in circleci, and I quickly ran into the problem that the default php version is 5.3, which is E.O.L. and my project requires >= 5.4.

I read the docs, and it says that you can set the php version in the .circle.yml file

version: 5.5.11

But I don’t want to make a long series of commits to my project just to get it to work with circle when I’m not sure whether circle will even work for me overall.

Unfortunately, though, when I try to use those .yml commands in the web interface setup area: , they’re not applicable because it is looking for normal bash commands.

So how can I test out circle-ci against a different version of php without debugging everything commit-by-commit in a .circle.yml?

The stack you’re using: I’m using a LAMP stack, but PHP is the main thing here.
Which troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken: Checked the docs and discuss forum for info about setting php version, but the only advice is for the .circle.yml file.
The build URL if the project is public:


I don’t believe you can set language in the UI. What I do for testing is make a branch, such as testing-circleci, then do the circle.yml testing there.

Once everthing is good I copy the circle.yml file over and delete the branch.