How to subscribe to Announcements and Notifications from CircleCI (email, RSS, JSON)



You need to get important announcements from CircleCI about upcoming features and build image changes.

We post these in the ‘Announcements’ category on Discuss.

  1. Receive updates by email. Go to: then click this icon: at the top right and choose ‘Watching’ or ‘Tracking’ ('Tracking will be less noisy as you only get ‘new announcements’ not comments on announcements):

You will then receive an email whenever we make an announcement.

  1. Subscribe the RSS feed:

  1. Subscribe to the JSON feed:

We recommend you get all team members who need this information to subscribe to announcements.

Php 7.0.11
Ubuntu 14.04 Build Image Update 201610-01 Released
macOS 10.13 High Sierra
Support Docker versions newer than v1.9.1
Ubuntu 14.04 Build Image Update 201610-01 Released
Auto-scaling and pay-per-use option?


Thanks, it would it nice to have this info in the doc too.

What is timeline for Xcode 8 GM support?
Build failing as of yesterday .phpenv directory is gone
Ubuntu 14.04 Build Image Update 201606-02
Add node 4.5.0 LTS to precise and trusty env

Thanks for the feedback. [EDIT] This has now been added to the docs.


Discourse has a new option “Watching First Post” which is perfect for this category’s use case.