How to set Circle to build only last and actual commit

Dear Circle team,

Our tests are quite complicated and it took about 30 minutes to build them. When we have pushed something to our repository , the test start normally. But then, when somebody right after commit found some small mistake, he made a quick corrections and then made a new commit.

Iam looking for a way how to set circle, to test only really last commit, and when two commits come right after each other, I want to stop the nonactual build and test only the last one to spare some build time. Is there any way how to do that ?

Thank you very much for your answer.
Have a great day.

David Kopecký

Hey David,

There is a feature called “auto cancel redundant builds” that you can set in the project settings. Please note that this does not yet work for workflows builds.

Thank you for your answer !

I set the option on in the project settings and dont have any workflow section in my .yml file, but the function seems to doesent work as expected (See the picture below). Is there anything else iam missing?

Thank you for your answer!

Looks like this feature is working only for non-default branch, which is very sad.
Our project requires that too, because it builds the Jekyll docs and some commits appear sooner than the older build finishes - the result is older build rsync overwriting the new changes.