Auto-cancel redundant builds API




I noticed there’s an undocumented settings API:

Is it cool to use? I ask because I’d like to programmatically enable “Auto-cancel redundant builds” on roughly 200 repos. Also, we have an internal service that initializes apps. As part of the initialization process, we’d like to enable “autocancel-builds”.



You are free to use any of the undocumented endpoints, but as a fair warning anything that is not in our official API docs should be considered “unstable” and is subject to change without notice.


Yes… that can only be assumed.

What’s the roadmap for the v1.1 API? When are you planning to release it? Are you ever planning to stabilize the settings endpoint? Are you actively working the API? Is the API something circle even cares about? How likely is it that you’ll never stabilize the settings endpoint?