How to programmatically determine build queue times



What would be the best way to determine how long our builds are queued for? We want to make sure we don’t have a large back up of jobs but we don’t want to pay for build agents we aren’t using.


I believe the following API endpoint will do the job


Then just subtract the queued at time from the current time.


Thank you. Do you know how accurate the queued_at time is? I’m trying to determine how long my builds are queued before they are started so I am taking the difference between the start_at and queued_at times for a subset of my builds and the times don’t seem to match up to reality. According to my numbers my builds are never queued for more then 3s however I have witnessed builds sitting in the queue for much longer then that.


I do not, sorry. I would assume it is when the Web hook is recieved from GitHub.