How to make Jira/Notify work with Powershell?

I am using Win and Jira Orbs in my .NET Visual Studio project build workflow with PowerShell as the default shell. However, it appears that Jira/notify does not work well with PowerShell and always fails to install jq. While I know that #bash.exe is the preferred option for Jira Orb, I have to use Powershell rather than bash in my build environment. In our case, how to send Jira notifications in a PowerShell environment without using Bash. Can I dynamically change default shell in Win orb previouly used to build our .net application? Thank you.

Orbs used:
win: circleci/windows@5.0
jira: circleci/jira@1.3.1

Sorry for the delayed response here @fqian . I reached out to the team that supports Orbs, and at this time the Jira orb is not supported by Windows, and will be replaced by a new integration at some point. Plans are to also include PowerShell as part of that new rework, but no definitive date at this time

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