How to install AWC S3 CLI in a pre-built node.js circleci docker image

How can I install AWC CLI in the circleci/node docker image? I saw in a post made like 7 months ago that you may create a custom docker image but I can’t find any example and I am having a lot of troubles with the PATH variable in Debian distribution.

Also I have the question of how to import AWS credentials.

Please help.

I am assuming you mean the AWS binary.

If so, I think that’s been covered here before on this forum; I recommend a search. I seem to remember that you can get a more recent version from NPM than from a Linux repository. So, install NPM (if it is not already installed) and then use NPM to install the AWS binary.

It’s helpful to use the SSH feature in CircleCI, so you can have a tinker - that will allow you do try various searches in NPM to see what command you need.

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