Aws cli & pip | CircleCi 2.0 | save time


awscli is required and most actual packages are installing by pip command for integration with AWS and docker-compose.

What is the best way to get it ready on building machine (with specific version of tool)?

Actually we are using

apt update && apt install awscli, python-pip

that consume building time

Thank you


I think the took should be included on most of the docker images.

Their is a nice UI to configure AWS credentials but no default tool to use it.

I use circleci/openjdk:8-jre and I have to install awscli too (waste of time).

Their is any plan to add it ?

How much time does it consume? If it is more than a minute or two, consider building your environment in Docker, pushing the image to a remote registry, and then pulling the image in CircleCI when you need it. You can set up the exact versions of the tools you want inside your container.

Then, the only time cost is pulling the image, and optionally installing Docker Compose if you decide you need it. I do this in one of my branches, and the pulling of 12 images (total ~650M) takes ~50 sec (so if you have just one, you’d be looking at <15 sec). Installing DC takes another 10 sec.

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@halfer that is correct.
After CircleCi 2.0 got stable and fast container based builds we just pull our custom ‘on-build’ image that contain all tools in desired version. And we are happy with it several months.
We may close subject as we do not required it anymore.
However CircleCi provide convenient ready to use images and highlight integration with AWS. It could be a good point to have ready to use image that have all desired tools.
It will make life easier and increase happines for others.


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