How to fetch the audit log via api

Hi im trying for few days to get the audit log via api
i wuld be happy for any help

:wave: @Maayan21,

Welcome to the party, pal. :smiley:

Can you explain in a little more detail what you mean by ‘audit log’? Are you talking about the log of a particular workflow/job/step? Or maybe the job artifacts?

Hi thanks,
I mean the security audit-log for to know about every changes or activity that occur in my circleci account.
i got something from searching in google but itsnot work for me. I understand that there is few versions but i steal stuck
thats the link that explain
from ui: Security Features - CircleCI
from API: [Server] How to Get Audit Logs Through API? – CircleCI Support Center
i tried a lot tp get it from api or even from ui but it didnt work both.