How to debug "Error computing cache key" when running a Java build?

Error computing cache key: template: cacheKey:1:18: executing “cacheKey” at <checksum “pom.xml”>: error calling checksum: open /home/circleci/CIDependency/ParkwayCommon/pom.xml: no such file or directory

The error should be fairly self-explanatory. You’re using the cache feature, and are using the checksum device to check for dependency changes in a pom.xml file, but that file does not exist. Perhaps you skipped the checkout step, or you have the path wrong.

(Aside: when posting error messages, it is worth posting the CircleCI config that you have - in most cases people will ask for that, and it speeds up the assistance you might get if they do not have to.)

Please make the following amendments to your latest post, by editing it:

  • Add a formatted block to your logs (select the text, click the </> icon)
  • Replace your image of config with text (apply block/code formatting to it)
  • Introduce each section (“Here are my logs:”, “Here is my config:”) in order to split the blocks up in a readable fashion

Read this to understand why images of code/config are not as useful as text.

Are you on CircleCI 1.0? That is going to be discontinued in a few months.

Try temporarily adding a run step of ls ParkwayCommon after your checkout, to see if you do indeed have pom.xml in there.

(I see you’ve done part of the edit, but this has chopped off the end of the YAML, and not formatted the start of the YAML. Try again :slight_smile:. Don’t forget formatting the logs. This is very good practice - making questions exceedingly readable increases the changes of getting answers).

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