How to configure setup/path-filtering and scheduled job

I am using the setup/path-filtering feature to execute 2 distinct builds based on what files were touched (I am using a config file and a continuation file, as shown in CircleCI Developer Hub - circleci/path-filtering). I now would like to add a CircleCI cron job to execute some housekeeping.

I tried adding the scheduled job as a workflow to the config.yaml file, but got the ‘max number of workflows exceeded’ error as the Setup Workflows allows for 1 workflow max (

The suggested workaround is to combine jobs in the same workflow but obviously that will not work as the jobs are incompatible (some triggered by file changes, one triggered by schedule).

Is there a trick?

Outside the above workaround you cannot use dynamic config and scheduled workflows…for now. We’re currently working on an updated version of our scheduler which will solve this issue. You can expect more information on that soon.

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Now you got me excited. Any ETA?