How does `circleci --timings-type=testname` work?


The option isn’t described in the documentation. This option, if works, would speed up our tests by 10%, so we would like to make it work.

For --timings-type=classname, we feed somepackage.BuildSpec anotherpackage.SomeSpec to circleci.

But how do we feed multiple test names to circleci? Do we join the class name and the test name using . (dot)?

Our report is in the junit format. Here’s a snippet that I can get from the test metadata API:

  }, {
    "classname" : "browsers.SomethingSpec",
    "file" : null,
    "name" : "Some test that does something",
    "result" : "success",
    "run_time" : 9.196,
    "message" : null,
    "source" : "junit",
    "source_type" : "junit"
  } ],

Thank you,

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