How does Bundler get updated in cimg/ruby?


I’m using cimg/ruby:3.2.2. It comes pre-packaged with Bundler 2.4.10. At the moment of writing, Bundler 2.4.13 is available. How can I get Bundler 2.4.13 to work with this CircleCI image?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Firstly I do not know much about the Ruby ecosystem, so this is going to be a rather generic reply.

Once the cimg/ruby:3.2.2 instance has started with all its default installed software you have admin rights and so you can upgrade any aspect of the environment as long as you are not changing a feature that needs the instance to be restarted. So the real question is what are the steps required to upgrade Bundler? Once you know that you can implement the steps in your config.yml file before you do anything else.

This allows you to update parts of CircleCI’s provided environment without having to deploy all the foundation software every time you start up an instance.

Happy to say that this worked for me. Thank you, @rit1010!