How do I allow deployments on 2 separate branches?


Right now I have a master branch set as the default one on Github, that has a CCI workflow running on it whenever a new PR is merged into it.

I’ve created a new development branch with its own CCI workflow running on it whenever a PR is merged into it. It’s actually the same CCI workflow file that I have on the master branch with only one change: it deploys to a different AWS bucket when all checks pass.

However, whenever I merge something into the development branch, the CCI workflow does not run at all. What I get is a warning from CCI saying:

This project is configured to only run builds that have open pull requests associated with them. Update the ‘Only build pull requests’ setting to run this build.

I looked for a solution online and someone suggested that I should click on the “Stop building project” on the CCI settings UI and then reactivate and this should reset things (?).

I don’t know if this is true and this is the actual solution. I’m a bit hesitant at clicking that button. I worry that it might reset everything on CCI for that project and I will lose important information (variables, tokens, change the project’s ID etc…) if I actually do that.

What do you suggest ?

Thank you

Hey @Pixelik thanks for the question. The Only build pull requests setting is found in the Project Settings, under Advanced.

Let us know if that doesn’t work for you.