How can we deploy an Angular application in IBM Bluemix?



Hi ,
I am trying deploy my node js application in IBM Bluemix and am getting unauthorized error i have already set my username and password in circleci environment variable can any one help

error log:
API endpoint:
Error Code: 403
Raw Response: {“error_description”:“BMXLS0202E: You are using a federated user ID, please use one time code to login with option --sso.”,“error”:“unauthorized”}

cf auth $BLUEMIX_USER $BLUEMIX_PASSWORD returned exit code 1

Action failed: cf auth $BLUEMIX_USER $BLUEMIX_PASSWORD


Issue resolved


How was it resolved? Would your solution be useful to other posters in the future?


for this command i used to login through apikey:
cf login -a -u apikey -p $BLUEMIX_API -o $BLUEMIX_ORG -s $BLUEMIX_SPACE

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