How can we change environment variables en masse?

Now that our AWS credentials has been removed from the the UI (though, strangely, it still exists in the back end and is being used by builds) we’ve begun putting our AWS credentials in the environment variables. But - we’ve had to expire the credentials and generate a new Secret Key/Access Key.

We have over 150 different projects.

How can we avoid having to update environment variables for these projects one at a time? I’m even okay with doing it through the API, but I can’t seem to find the ability to do this through your API documentation.

Hi there,

I am not sure what happened to that part of the documentation. I am maintaining a python wrapper for the API and these endpoints should still work.

list envvars
get envvar
add envvar
delete envvar

You can either use this wrapper, or use the endpoints in that documentation.

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Great wrapper!

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