AWS Environment Variables

I have a few workflows that I setup about a year ago using AWS S3, and had configured the keys as environment variables.

However, this no longer seems to work. Using the AWS permissions does work, but this has a deprecation notice suggesting to use “orbs” instead. I’d prefer to set things up for long term use and the environment variables method seemed like the most straight forward approach. I’m not opposed to using orbs, but the documentation for setting up keys is not straight forward at first glance.

Are environment variables no longer supported for using AWS keys?

EDIT: AWS environment variables do work from the build settings / environment variables config. I had erroneously copied the key names from my local .aws/credentials file, where the key names themselves are not set in uppercase.

We’re using

Using environment variables from project settings and/or contexts

on the serverless framework, which isn’t the AWS CLI, but is working.

So you’re putting the keys directly in your config.yml? That’s not really an option for me if I’m understanding you correctly as I don’t put keys into version control.

Nope! we’re using{GH-USER}/{repo-name}/edit#env-vars for secret variable holding
as referred to here