How can I parallelize Django tests which usually start with ./ test?

Refs: CircleCI 2.0 Parallelism for Django unit test using built in test
which has been closed.

Anyone that can help? We need to parallelize the execution of our tests. We have

The command we use is pipenv run ./ test -v 2.

How can we parallelize? I don’t see a way to give part of the test files as argument to the command above.

I haven’t tested this, but I believe this will work:

      - run:
          name: Run python tests using test splitting
          command: |
            TESTFILES=$(circleci tests glob "test/**/*.py" | circleci tests split)
            pipenv run ./ test $TESTFILES -v 2
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Thank you. Just for the record, you have missed the test word after ./, but all-in-all, your suggestion is correct. Thank you very much.

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Ah, I thought test referred to the directory, I have not had much experience with

I’ve updated the post, can you confirm it’s correct and we’ll mark it as the solution for others?

Now it is correct. All good!

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