Home user on macos now "circleci" with wrong permissions instead of "distiller"

It seems my home directory on a macos instance has changed from “/Users/distiller” to “/home/circleci”. Builds were working fine yesterday. This only started happening today, May 7, and I didn’t make any changes to the config. Unfortunately, the write permissions are not correct, so when trying to restore node module cache, it fails with “Failed to create dir ‘home/circleci’”.

How can I fix this?


Ok, the problem is a bit different than I thought at first. The user is still “distiller”, but it’s restoring a cache saved from another job. I’m not sure this is a bug, but it’d be nice if I could reuse the cache. The node modules are the same, but need to go in different places. Anyway, I can workaround this.

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