History or change log for environment variables?

On a CircleCI server, is there any way to see (via the GUI, API, or any other method) when a particular environment variable was added to, deleted from, or changed in a specific project? Some sort of history or change log for environment variables in the project. I don’t mean seeing what the values were, because I know they’re supposed to remain hidden, but just “at this date and time, the value of this variable was changed by this user”.


There is no such information available for environment variable, though you can check the creation date of contexts through GUI.

Also, below API endpoint can be used to list all the environment variable for a project.


Pawan Bahuguna

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately CircleCI server only has API v1.1, not API v2 :frowning:

It has been really important to know when an environment variable was last updated, in some cases. If a change to a variable breaks a build, for example, it may not be immediately evident to someone trying to investigate, because they’ll be looking for what changed but won’t know that a variable was changed.

Do you know if CircleCI is going to add an a ability to view change history of environment variables?

Hi Cos,

True, API v2 is not available for Server customers yet. I do not know when this will be implemented. I would request you to submit an idea on our idea portal for this request.


Thanks for that link. I tried submitting an idea, and after I wrote it all up and clicked submit, it emailed me to verify my email address and create a password. I followed the link, created a password, and got logged in - but it discarded my post. I don’t see anything under “my ideas”, nor do I see it in the “recent” tab. It’s just gone to the bitbucket. I bet I could post it again, but it’s really discouraging to have spent a while wording it the way I want, only to have the system throw it out. Can you get that bug fixed please? @Pawan

@cos I checked internally and found your idea is waiting for approval. This is for stopping spammy posts which we were getting a lot in the past. So, you don’t have to submit it again.

Update: Idea is approved: https://ideas.circleci.com/ideas/CCI-I-1566

Ahh, thanks. It would be very helpful if it gave me any indication that my post was not lost, just waiting for approval.

True, I will check with the team who manages this.