Heroku Deployment NetRC Issues



I have a relatively simple rails app that I’d like to build in CircleCI, deploy to Heroku, migrate the database, then restart.

I’ve followed the CirceCI docs here, but I’m still getting the following error when I try and have CirceCI run anything related to “heroku run”.


Running rake db:migrate on ⬢ my-app... !
 ▸    Invalid credentials
 ▸    provided.
 ▸    API key is currently set
 ▸    by the HEROKU_API_KEY
 ▸    environment variable.
 ▸    Ensure this is set to a
 ▸    correct value or unset
 ▸    it to use the netrc
 ▸    file.
Exited with code 1


Is this error happening on the CircleCI side or the Heroku side?


It seems like on the CircleCi side, but it’s the Heroku tools that are
producing the error message.


Thanks for the additional details. Could you share a build link with me so I can dig in a bit more?



Is that what you needed?


Yep perfect, does this work locally for you if you run the commands from your computer?




Dang, email did not work correctly.

Yes, these commands work locally on my box. They’re fairly bog standard Heroku commands as far as I know.


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