Help with saving test results

If I ran a script like this: nyc --reporter lcov ava **/*.test.js for testing which saves the info in a folder called coverage in the home directory, how would I reference it in, say, a Github README?

You want this to show up in GitHub? If so, you’d need to commit it back into the repo and push up.

If not, could you clarify specifically what you are trying to do here?

Sites like let you both view your coverage and add a badge to your README, is that what you are looking for?

With the Orb, getting the coverage report into CodeCov is easy.


No, it creates a coverage folder with the assets in it.

Understood. How do do you envision this report being in your README?

Oh, hm, I thought there were provided badges. Ok, I’ll use that service. Thank you!

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