Google nearby search UNKNOWN ERROR


Without any modifications, one of my pipeline testing the GoogleMap API NearbySearch stopped working.

Maybe it’s a network error between CircleCI servers and Google ?! :thinking:

I have this error return (in Golang) without any details…

Error:      	Expected nil, but got: &status.Error{Code:13, Message:"maps: UNKNOWN_ERROR - ", Details:[]*anypb.Any(nil), XXX_NoUnkeyedLiteral:struct {}{}, XXX_unrecognized:[]uint8(nil), XXX_sizecache:0}

Of course, i have no problems with the same code and variables on my machine, my servers…

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Welcome to the community! Thanks for your patience. Is this still happening? At first glance, it looks like an error on the API side.

Hello @thekatertot sorry for the late reply, but yes, strangely the problem is still happening :confused:

I know it’s a UNKNOWN ERROR and so it’s should be on Google side, but i really have no error on my computer running the same tests, with the same environment