Go: Statik code generator doesn't get packed into my artifacts

  1. circleci(.)com/gh/nektro/andesite
  2. github(.)com/nektro/andesite/blob/master/.circleci/config.yml
  3. github(.)com/nektro/andesite/blob/master/scripts/build_all.sh
  4. github(.)com/rakyll/statik

Hi all,

I’ve been using Circle CI to create artifacts for my project, and it’s going great after I switched over from Travis, but there is one issue I’ve still had. In my golang project I’ve been using a program called statik[4] to pack some of my static assets into my artifacts so that they can be used from the program without the folder of assets there. However, from what i’ve been able to gather from the docs and testing the resulting programs the code generation is not being run successfully, whether that be statik not finding the files, or statik not generating to the right place, I’m not sure, but ‘it works on my machine’ and after not being able to find anything else online I thought I’d come here.

I’ve linked my config[2], the build script that calls statik[3], and my circle page[1].

Thanks in advance,