Golang on Alpine docker image


I’m currently using circleci/golang:1.9.3-stretch for my golang builds and it works great, but I wonder if there are any plans in the nearby future to add an alpine image? And since there already alpine versions of some images (like postgres), maybe this makes sense for Go too?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, please let me know where to go if it isn’t.


You can use custom images, either from public or private repositories, see here.

I do something similar (but with Docker Compose rather than native CircleCI approaches), and all my custom images are built on CircleCI too. You need a Docker registry for this.

I was wondering if they would have something they maintain themselves, but perhaps you’re right and it’s best to just have my own for now. Thanks!

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I believe Circle do maintain a number of images, but I prefer to roll my own. I’ve seen reports of breakages on this forum when a new image is rolled, and a library bumping from one version to another has caused a test to fail.

Rolling my own might mean I am behind the curve a bit, but at least when I do refresh the image, I know what will have caused any CI issues happening shortly after :smile_cat: