Give orb jobs a name

Hey there,

I´m new to circleci and I have following problem:

I have a workflow where I am executing the same orb three times. After everything is done, i want to deploy it. Unfortunately I can´t figure out, how I can refer to the builds in the last deploy step, because all jobs are named aws-ecr/build_and_push_image.

Is there a way to give them an explicit name?

Here´s my workflow

      - test
      - aws-ecr/build_and_push_image:
          dockerfile: client/Dockerfile
          path: client
          repo: foo-client
      - aws-ecr/build_and_push_image:
          dockerfile: api/Dockerfile
          path: api
          repo: foo-api
      - aws-ecr/build_and_push_image:
          dockerfile: nginx/Dockerfile
          path: nginx
          repo: foo-nginx
      - deploy:
            - test
            - build_1 # how to assign this to first aws-ecr?
            - build_2
            - build_3

Yes. You can use the name parameter when invoking the job.


Oh, it´s actually that easy that I did´t even try that. Thanks, it works now!

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