GitHub webhook return a 400 error


I have an app running at and whenever I push code into a branch I get a 400 error report from the GitHub webhook. No branch gets built on CircleCI.

This is GH webhook response:

**Connection:** keep-alive 
**Content-Length:** 0 **Date:** Sun, 14 Oct 2018 11:25:13 GMT
**Server:** nginx 
**Set-Cookie:** ring-session=8oc1bydmy4TmVRYNej7ZVb%2B1dp3fmB0A%2FIQe%2Fcpl6xhoGvWi4KVka3csD2BbWsRZ5cSpTgIs%2BGA8HERk58gzbSMyRToeoHb4MitHkq9CBVgP4RM244%2BzXj3q7wvrg3dsdAqWIwA%2FlbJYhCinxRsbvMfXOF3UJ9V%2FybLVLsOTuBWzdL7aJvNNGUa81lsNX93p5dNd8HmqbIBGbLkDjm%2B6FIX070ZhMCm1irbIxMcLmC4%3D--qXoZOJUHTzt8Q1pA2S7aRfaNXUkONKu5oV3CsOPSFzg%3D;Path=/;HttpOnly;Expires=Sat, 12 Oct 2019 18:12:10 +0000;Max-Age=1209600;Secure 
**X-Circleci-Identity:** circle-www-api-v1-645d76675b-llqvp 
**X-Frame-Options:** DENY 
**X-Request-Id:** c5384923-14df-48d1-8d9f-8f7863e5f69c 

I have already unfollow and follow the project at CCI several times with no success. Only master gets built when I first follow the project. After that nothing gets built. I am running V2 on new and currently active branches.

I can’t really explain why this is suddenly happening since I have not made any changes to my CCI config file in a while.

Will appreciate any help or guide that may help me resolve this issue.

Many thanks.

I fixed it. The project was originally imported from Bitbucket into GitHub and, for some reason, CircleCI wasnt work out for this setup I supposed.

I remove the GH repo and created a new one. Everything works fine now.

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