GitHub release during build causes "No workflows to execute for this pipeline" pipeline entries

Hi Everyone,

I got stuck with my CircleCI build configuration because of an issue regarding GitHub Release creation during build. I’m pretty sure it must be a misconfiguration of my build plan, however I’ve been digging up the discussions here for the past two evenings and could not find anything.

So here’s my build plan:
During the deployment I’d like to create a release on GitHub, via the ghr utility (described here: The release is actually created properly, however once it happens, a new entry appears on my Pipelines dashboard, stating “No workflows to execute for this pipeline”. Not a huge issue I know, but I’d like to use the pipeline.number parameter for versioning my builds. This way though the mentioned counter increases by 2 (actually 3, I’m pushing another release after deployment) after each builds.

Do any of you have an idea how to prevent this behavior? I’ve already tried setting an ignore-filter for the tags, and disabling some of the hook events on GitHub (release creation, branch and tag creation), but no luck so far (most possibly because the push event triggers the build which is common for tags and commits).

Thanks in advance, and best regards!