Git could not resolve host when cloning repository - Basic Auth disabled?

When running npm install within circleci we fetch some node packages from our github repositories through package.json.

This has been working great until last week when without changes in our side, we started to get errors while cloning these packages. To perform this operation, we were using Basic Authentication in the URL providing user credentials in it. For ie:


Now, we get the following errors:

npm ERR! Command failed: git clone ...
npm ERR! fatal: unable to access 'https://<username>:<password><repository>.git': 
Could not resolve host: <username>

From the error message it seems like it thinks the username is the host and thus, fails. I checked that password is still valid and it did not expire.

Has recently - around last week - something changed that could cause this error? Has Basic Authentication been disabled?

Thanks a lot.