Generate an SSH key


How can i generate an SSH key in order to add it to my server in the authorized keys ?

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This is done the same as generating an SSH key for any other purpose. You can follow the Generating a new SSH key section of GitHub’s guide on how to do it. That is a link for Linux directions but you can switch to OS X or Windows at the top.

Once you have the keys generated, the private key (usually called id_rsa) goes in your CircleCI Project’s page under “SSH Permissions” and the public key goes on your server in the authorized_keys file for whichever user you are using to login.


Thanks Feliciano!

I already know how to generate a private key, but my i didn’t know how to do it for Circle CI.

Then I assume that I have to generate the key in my local computer and after i have to upload my private key in Project Settings -> SSH Permissions ?

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Exactly. You just need to copy & paste the private key to that page.


I believe there should be a safer way to generate the key directly on CircleCI than moving the private key over the network to the CircleCI’s server?


There isn’t.

The CircleCI webapp is encrypted with TLS for the HTTPS transfer.

You can always submit a feature request however. There may be more people that want an alternative option as you suggest.

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