Permission denied trying to access remote server


I have worked through getting a deploy script to work past the unidentified fingerprint. I have reached this next problem (below). Any suggestions?

deploy script:



I have to ask, did you set a private SSH key in the CircleCI UI? Did you place the corresponding public key to where you’re SSHing?

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No it’s not private. It’s the same key I use to login from my local machine.


Yes but when SSH, there’s two parts to the key. There’s the private key and the public key. The private key should be on the system you’re SSHing from and the public key should be on the system you’re SSHing to.


I understand that. I placed the public key within the authorized_keys dotfile on the remote DO droplet, that correlates with the private key I have on my local machine. This private key is what I added to my project under SSH PERMISSIONS section. Please advise it this was done incorrectly.


Is the private key encrypted?


No the private key isn’t encrypted.


What is the value of $deploy_user


The value is deploy.


Should I level it static instead?


I’m having the same issue, and I’ve documented the process of adding the SSH key into CircleCI. I expect we’re both doing the same thing wrong, so hopefully my question will help you too.

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