Gcloud app deploy returns "Exited with code 141"

Everything is working fine and my app is even deployed in the end but since it returned “exit with code 141” My job still failed even though it deployed. Please see a portion of the return below

latest: digest: sha256:3841fb2f099ccf5483482f1672c1409799290327d8c70f36548a841033e2265c size: 3896

Stopping version [perfect-jetty-217307/default/20180929t125148].
Sent request to stop version [perfect-jetty-217307/default/20180929t125148]. This operation may take some time to complete. If you would like to verify that it succeeded, run:
  $ gcloud app versions describe -s default 20180929t125148
until it shows that the version has stopped.
Deployed service [default] to [https://perfect-jetty-217307.appspot.com]

You can stream logs from the command line by running:
  $ gcloud app logs tail -s default

To view your application in the web browser run:
  $ gcloud app browse
Exited with code 141

You could try getting an SSH session after your failed build and see if there is a verbose switch to this command. Try adding --help to your deploy command to see if you can get some syntax help for this.

The build did not fail… It deployed successfully. It’s just the exit code is not 0 and it will display as failed job in CircleCI

Sure, I understand that. The rest of my post stands though - use an SSH session to help you debug.

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