Fully customize a project using the API?

This was closed, I don’t know why Create Project API token using the REST API

I need to automatize repository creation, and script all manual boring, error prone things.

How do I create a status badge and customize chat notifications using CircleCI API?

Isn’t anything doable using the WebApp supposed be available though the API?

How do I automatize things? Is CircleCI a good feat for an entreprise? Or only for very small organizations?

Any milestone?

Hi Yvele, the topic auto-closed due to old settings.

There is no way to create a token via our public API, that would be a good request for our features portal https://ideas.circleci.com/

You are technically correct in the sense that mostly anything you can do via our frontend you should be able to do with the the non-public API it uses. This would not be supported though, if you decided to attempt this.

For questions regarding the using the API with, or scripting, our server product, I recommend contacting your success manager, or, if you don’t yet have one, https://circleci.com/contact-us/ and one of them can get in touch regarding your needs.