For the last hour our circleci builds don't show the output of the mocha tests anymore


Any idea what could be the cause ?


I can confirm this issue. This happens for me when running rspec tests. In fact, the majority of commands (like “Starting the build”) have empty output and I’m quite sure that it wasn’t the case before.


Same for our builds.
the build at 10:59 GMT+1 displays the output for every step.
The build at 11:29 GMT+1 and after does not

More details:
the results of the steps are displayed until the step complete. Then they disappear.


Same here for all commands (installs, tests, custom scripts), not just mocha.


We are also experiencing this problem, and it is preventing us from debugging a long string of failing builds.


Same here. All command show no output. I’d say this is a major service interruption since it prevents us from resolving failed builds.


This certainly looks like a problem on our end. We’ve been receiving reports of this issue from a few other customers as well this morning so it looks like a recent change may have caused this. I’ve reached out to our engineering team though and we’ll be investigating this in detail shortly.


We believe that we’ve resolved the issue and are monitoring to make sure everything is stable. Any further updates will be posted on our status page. Thank you for your patience!