[Fixed: GitHub bug] GitHub projects getting thousands of rejected_ref_updates when project connected to CircleCI

Strange question: anyone in GitHub getting slammed with protected_branch.rejected_ref_update events in their audit log? We’ve had over 6,000 since Jan 10, 8:23am CST, and they stop if we Stop Building the project in CircleCI. It’s across 4 repos we build, all with unique config.yaml, so it shouldn’t be the result of anything we’re doing that I know of, and these are all projects we’ve been building for years in CircleCI. I’ve opened a support ticket with GitHub and CircleCI.

We’ve been rotating all of the things in CircleCI since the security incident, that was the only reason we looked at CircleCI as soon as we did to try and detect where these were coming from.

GitHub said this was an issue on their side that they’ve rectified, and the issue is no longer occurring.