Fastlane errors after migration 1.0 to 2.0



I am currently in the process of migrating our Circle CI config from version 1.0 to version 2.0. I have no problems when I build with Circle version 1.0, but on version 2 I get an error with fastlane.

This is the deploy job in my config.yml:

    xcode: "9.3.0"
  working_directory: ~/better-io/mobile
  shell: /bin/bash --login -eo pipefail
    - checkout
    - attach_workspace:
        at: ~/better-io/mobile
    - run: bundle install --path=vendor/bundle
    - run: bundle exec update fastlane
    - run: bundle exec fastlane ios production

This is the fastlane error output:

[16:33:11]: Looks like fastlane ran into a build/archive error with your project
[16:33:11]: It's hard to tell what's causing the error, so we wrote some guides on how
[16:33:11]: to troubleshoot build and signing issues:
[16:33:11]: Before submitting an issue on GitHub, please follow the guide above and make
[16:33:11]: sure your project is set up correctly.
[16:33:11]: fastlane uses `xcodebuild` commands to generate your binary, you can see the
[16:33:11]: the full commands printed out in yellow in the above log.
[16:33:11]: Make sure to inspect the output above, as usually you'll find more error information there

I’ve checked the log output of fastlane, but I could not find any errors. For now I’ve reverted to Circle 1.0, but has anyone has similar issues?