Executor per-workflow

I’ve got an orb, https://circleci.com/orbs/registry/orb/tsloughter/rebar3, with a number of jobs that are best run in parallel. However, configuring this makes for a verbose and confusing setup if it doesn’t use the default executor image, or worse want to run against multiple images, because each job must define the executor.

Maybe I’m missing a better way to do this, but if not, it would be great if an executor could be set to be used by all jobs in a workflow (unless explicitly included in the job definition).

@tsloughter great question!

Support for Workflows features in Orbs is currently lacking in general. I don’t think there’s currently an Orbs-native way to do this.

That said, you can easily DRY up your config.yml code by using YAML anchors:

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Thanks. Yea, yaml anchors helps a little.

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