Example v2 config using php-fpm and nginx (as separate containers)

Has anyone got an example of a CircleCI v2 config that has nginx and php-fpm. Some of our system smoke tests make curl requests to the fully operation code base.

I’m not a docker person and I can’t find any relevant examples on the CircleCI documentation.

I imagine the primary image will be something like: circleci/php:7.1-fpm-stretch-node-browsers. I assume I’ll then need a second image will be an nginx one.

I’m assuming I’ll run into the same problem as this person did: Issue with Supervisor and CircleCI 2.0. Specifically that checked out code must be available in both containers.

Does anyone have a setup like this that works that they could point me to.

Thanks in advance

Do you need to make these separate containers? It seems to me you could just install these things in your primary build container, and if so, you hardly need worry that you are in Docker at all.

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