"Estimated Time" never accurate on CircleCI 2.0 workflow jobs

When running a workflow, the individual jobs’ “Estimated Time” never seems to be very large (always in the ~0:30 range). My Rspec runs take many minutes…in CircleCI 1.0, this field used to show me the real estimated time for this job in the past…now, it’s not useful.

It appears that others have opened issues for this, and may never have been resolved:

Does anyone else have this issue?

Looks like estimates pull data from last job in the workflow.
I’ve workflow with 2 jobs: test (about 20min) and deploy(about 3 min).
I get estimates for test for about 3min after each successful deploy.

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It would be nice if the estimated times took into account workflow structure, and ideally maybe operated as a median on the most recent set of results, thus rejecting any major outlier estimates. It would be handy to have a more realistic idea of how long each build, and each step of a workflow, is likely going to take.

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