Error: rbenv: version `5.6.17' is not installed


Our builds have started failing with an unusual error that I can’t replicate on any other environment.

There’s been no change to the master branch since the last successful build –

rbenv: version5.6.17’ is not installed (set by /opt/circleci/.phpenv/version)`

We are using the beta trusty container and installing PHP
This error seems to trigger as soon as a command that requires php is invoked.

Further info –
It seems the this also only occurs when invoking PHP without sudo, is there any easy way to disable this version check?

Workaround –
Removing /opt/circleci/.phpenv seems to have fixed this issue. Is this ok? or is there an easier solution?

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I have had the exactly same problem. I have solved it just like you. removing /opt/circleci/.phpenv