Ember test via docker-compose run builds repeatedly, but never runs tests

See attached image at bottom.

When re-running the build with SSH enabled, doing a docker exec -it app bash into the container and running the exact same command works just fine. Only one “Building” appears in the terminal at all, if any. Tests pass no problem.


version: 2
      image: circleci/classic:latest

    working_directory: ~/company


      - checkout
      - run: docker-compose up -d && sleep 60

      - run:
          name: Install JS deps and run Ember tests
          # yes, this nonsense should probably be in a shell script
          command: |
            docker-compose run app bash -c "bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate elastic:create RAILS_ENV=test && \
              cd /company/frontend && \
              npm install && \
              ./node_modules/bower/bin/bower install --allow-root && \
              cd /company && \
              /company/script/post-setup.sh && \
              mkdir /tmp/ember && \
              touch /tmp/ember/ember.xml && \
              RAILS_ENV=test bin/rails server -d && \
              cd /company/frontend && \
              ./node_modules/.bin/ember test --reporter=xunit > /tmp/ember/ember.xml"

  version: 2
      - build_and_test

Done, sorry about that. It was pretty late my time when I wrote that post last night, ha.

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Turns out it was a testem.js issue. Cause and solution listed here.

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