Email reports unreadables


Hi there !
I am using circle ci for a while, and I am really amazed how simple your product is.
However, the email report for each build I receive is pretty unreable on my quite new full hd asus screen. (it’s a bit better on my 2K screen, but my mailbox is on the asus :stuck_out_tongue: )

The reasons why I find the report unreadable are the following at least:

  • We have tracebacks on failures that are printed, but the width of the panel with the traceback in the mail (which itself is already in a window) takes about 20% of my screen width. There is a lot of waste space around the mail body that is just empty and that may be used to display a clear stacktrace in ours 2K17 full hd + screens…

Another point is the typo that has two problems for me:

  • The sans-serif font doesn’t render well on computer screen unless I print the mail on paper, screen displayed screen is widely known to render better with sans-serif typo.

  • As final point for this message I really think that the typo is not contrasted enought to be well readable. The light grey used is trendy for sure, but is too light for quick and easy reading. A good old black on white typo would be uglier but easier to read.

Thank you for your consideration, hoping to receive further mails that are more readable and thus usefull.