E-mail unsubscribe links don't work


It’s standard practice, and I thought it was a legal requirement, for commercial e-mails to come with unsubscribe links that didn’t require the recipient to be logged in on the device where the email was opened. But I’ve recently been receiving e-mails from CircleCI where both of the unsubscribe links, opened from my phone, led to 404 pages, so I’ve had no choice but to report them as spam! NB: In my case, getting useful notifications from CircleCI is blocked on Pre Install Java on OSX containers.

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Noted. Looking into this.


To follow up, the email I believe you received is a notification email, from the CircleCI webapp, rather than a marketing email. The webapp emails are controlled via User, Org, and Project level settings. The marketing emails should have the “unsubscribe” link at the footer.

If my assumption is incorrect, please feel free to paste a screenshot of the image here or PM it to me if you rather keep it private.


I am having a related issue with the same emails, and I don’t think it really matters that it’s a notification email rather than marketing, the link in the email should still be able to work either way.
My issue seems to be compounded by the fact that I’m getting notifications for a project I’m no longer a member of, and as a result get a “something went wrong” page even when I am logged in.

E-mail unsubscribe still doesn't work


Has the error described by funkyHat above been fixed? I am receiving the same errors (404) whilst trying to unsubscribe from a project for a previous company. Most worrying is that I still appear to have permission to rebuild the project, something I am keen to have removed asap!


Hi there Nicola,

Unfortunately, as @FelicianoTech said earlier:

The webapp emails are controlled via User, Org, and Project level settings.

So, I think that likely explain your issue a bit—because your user has been removed from your previous company’s org, you are no longer able to unsubscribe.

Which is clearly a bug on our end! So, our apologies for the frustration here :pray: We’ll follow up to make sure this gets seen by the right folks in Engineering.

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