Dynamic Config + Git Tag not running workflow

I’ve recently started using the new dynamic configuration orbs listed below for a monorepo at work.

  continuation: circleci/continuation@0.1.2
  path-filtering: circleci/path-filtering@0.0.2

As we don’t quite have a mature enough CI/CD pipeline I’m attempting to maintain the tagging/release workflows as they were and these were previously triggered by the standard tag filter on a workflow job.

I thought I’d be able to leverage the continuation orb to effectively send a parameter as a trigger via a workflow job like below but for whatever reason this fails to actually run the config I’m telling it to run, in fact, it doesn’t run a single job within that config but the continuation/continue does return a {"message":"OK"}

Have I done something wrong or have I misunderstood something in regards to using the setup to run a tagged job?

    executor: continuation/default
      - checkout
      - continuation/continue:
          configuration_path: .circleci/workflows.yml
          parameters: '{"production_release": true}'

      - release:
          name: setup-release-production
              only: /^v.*/
              ignore: /.*/

Same problem here. Did you manage to solve?

Nudge! I’ve stumbled in the same situation :<

I’ve realised what I needed to do, you must specify the filters with tags for the job in the continued yml. I got this from the docs, specifically “CircleCI does not run workflows for tags unless you explicitly specify tag filters”.

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