Download artifact automatically when the master branch build is finish

Hi guys, I want to discuss about downloading artifact automatically.
My team’s deployment process is,
First we merge code to master branch.
Then the master branch of circle ci job is run,
and after the building process is finish,
download the artifacts with api to admin server manually something likes exciting script.
So It takes time and effort for waiting until the building process finish and downloading the artifacts.
(It’s wasting time right?)

May be the solutions is, if an API can check a particular branch has been built or not.

So I just want to know how you guys doing this process effectively?


I think there are a few ways to achieve this.

  1. Add a new step to your job that only runs on: success, checks the branch that is on using a simple bash check for the current git branch, and then fires off a notification to some other service to download your artifacts. This could be an AWS Lambda job or something else along those lines.

  2. Using the API, poll for job statuses and download artifacts once a job on the master branch is finished.

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Thanks levlaz

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