Does CircleCI provide a UI like TeamCity where I can create a project or job that can be automated or run manually?

I am used to TeamCity, where I can create a project that can be automated or run manually. I am learning CCI and I am looking for similar functionality from TeamCity.

I want to create a job that I can trigger manually to run a config.yml that will build, test, create a Docker image, and deploy using Terraform, but I do not want to have to commit anything to the pipeline. I can do all of these steps now, but I must commit code each time to trigger it. I would like to merge my branch into main, but I do not want to have a hold (manual approval step) each time I commit to main. At some point in my process, I want to take what is in main, and build/test/deploy to a target environment (test, prod, etc.). I would like that to be a manual process until I decide to automate it.

Another feature I liked about TeamCity’s project is that I can save a browser link to my “Create Regression Env” project, where I can see it has been running or trigger it manually.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks for the help.

I will say you are at right place , circleci have everything what you have mention you can commit from your repo and cci will take care of everything you just need to configure your project ones