Docker push missing login credentials

My docker push is failing all though I just logged in in the previous step:

Any ideas?

Do you have Automated Builds enabled for that Docker Hub repo? If so, Docker executable will fall back to manual credentials input.

I’m pushing it to Tutum, and think that count as a Automated build?

Is there any way to do that automated in a Circle yml file?

Sorry, I was referring to something different—not that you are pushing to Tutum and not Docker Hub, this is probably irrelevant.

Could you please do an SSH build and check if running those two commands (docker login + docker push) manually does result in a password prompt as well?

I suppose that is not happening locally, is that right? Which version of Docker are you using on your dev machine?

It is not happening locally, but it’s the same problem in a SSH build aswell.

Are you sure the credentials you are using in the build are the exact same credentials you are using locally? Also, which Docker version are you using on your local machine? Thanks.

Yes, the credential is matching.

I’m running Docker version 1.8.1 locally.

The version of Docker installed in the containers right now is 1.8.2—minor version change, so unlikely that this would be the cause if the issue.

One more idea: could you please try pushing your own image or a different image to somewhere else, like Docker Hub?

If that does not result in a password prompt, I am afraid this could be a question for Tutum support.


I stumbled upon this problem as well but found the culprit. You must inform the server you’re authenticating when you run the docker login. In my case, and believe is yours also, is tutum: docker login -e email -u user -p pass Then the login & push works as expected.


Thanks alot! It’s working now! :slight_smile: